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Way back, in the 1890's, Robert Jacobson opened the doors of his new pharmacy in Yonkers, NY on the corner of Ashburton and Nepperhan where it still stands today. Could he have known that his business would still be thriving over 120 years later? A community asset ready to continue forward through the current century with a new growing presence on something called the web?

With all that has happened in the history of our country as well as all the miraculous advances in medicine, Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy has been a constant through it all.

Robert passed on his pharmacy to his two sons, Arthur and Nicholas. Under their stewardship, the pharmacy grew in to one of the largest and most respected in the area.

Arthur had a son who he named after his father, Robert. Robert Jacobson, now the third straight generation, took over the store and a chose a partner, Michael Ferraro. Together they continued as a pharmacy leader and developed departments of home medical equipment and hospital and doctor's medical supplies. A nursing home division was established, providing prescriptions and pharmacy consulting services. Mike's brother, Nicholas Ferraro, and pharmacist Carl Pannuti (as well as many others of course) were also instrumental in the successful operation of the pharmacy. It is interesting to note that they were one of the first pharmacies to use a pharmacy computer. I still remember them "backing it up" on to a tape the size of a movie film reel! Bob and Mike are now retired having sold the Yonkers store. Interestingly Bob's daughter Shari is a practicing pharmacist representing four straight generations of pharmacists!

My name is Gregory Ferraro and I am the son of Michael. As a child I would spend occasional Sundays in the pharmacy, as a teen spending summers working part time there, and then on to pharmacy school. After graduating and working in the original Yonkers store for a couple of years Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy's Mt Kisco location was opened and I became part owner and supervising pharmacist. The year was 1981, 32 years ago as I write, and still counting. We have continued the tradition of filling prescriptions, even hard to find medications, providing home medical equipment and a wide array of medical supplies and braces as well as the other services and departments you see on this website.

Our website is brand new this year and we will continue to expand and develop it to make it better for you. And so another chapter in the history of Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy's begins!

Holidays we are closed: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas