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In 2010, HYPERICE was founded with the mission to create the world’s first high-performance portable ice compression device. Harmonizing compression with cryotherapy, Hyperice was able to heal tissue while reducing swelling. Applications include accelerating injury recovery, enhancing athletic performance, and generally improved joint and muscle health.


Recovery & Movement Enhancement Technology

Fast-forward to the present day, and HYPERICE has expanded on their goal of giving athletes a set of tools to improve their performance. Each HYPERICE product described below has been expertly designed and rigorously tested — often by professional athletes themselves — to provide truly elite products to improve the athletic performance of people around the world.



If you need a handheld muscle massager to relieve soreness, stiffness, and muscle pain, the Hypervolt is a cutting-edge, handheld massager that promotes wellness in the body’s soft tissue. Plus, it’s lightweight, increases blood flow, and improves range of motion to boot. Use this electric massager anywhere on your body for fast-acting relief.



The Vyper is the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller. Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy is proud to offer HYPERICE’s roller which utilizes pressure and vibration to improve performance and expedite muscle recovery. With three different speed settings, use the Vyper for warming up, working out knots, or self-massage.



The HYPERSPHERE offers state-of-the-art localized vibration therapy that increases blood flow and circulation while improving flexibility and range of motion. Ideal for concentrated areas alongside more typical bodily areas such as the back, hips, shoulders, feet, hamstrings, and glutes, The HYPERSPHERE is an advanced fitness roller which adds vibration and intensity as it is used. Use it for both warm-up and recovery.


Vyper 2.0

If you like the Vyper, the Vyper 2.0 is the next generation of vibrating fitness rollers — with a host of all new benefits. With superior vibration and amplitude, you will experience improved trigger point release and muscle activation while working out knots or warming up with the Vyper 2.0. Compared to traditional foam rolling, it’s apples and oranges! Try the newest innovation from HYPERICE!



The Venom is nothing short of the world’s first wearable device that combines vibration and heat. This wearable heat compressor includes a digital touchscreen so that you can tailor your treatment in terms of vibration, temperature, pattern, and time. Wear it on your shoulders, back, or legs to relax, loosen, or warm up sore muscles.



Appropriate for use before and after athletic activities, the RAPTOR is an innovative massage system which features interchangeable applicators, making it ideal for literally hundreds of protocols. Its myofascial release mechanism allows for deep tissue percussive penetration without discomforting the user. While not even the RAPTOR could fully replace the power of direct human touch as it relates to deep tissue massage, it will improve the overall effectiveness of the treatment provided by a practitioner. Experience muscle relaxation through rapid mechanical percussions — up to 3,600 per minute — with the best percussion massager around!


HYPERICE Compression Sleeves



If you are an athlete who battles knee pain, the HYPERICE knee compression sleeve will help you recharge, repair, and recover — so you never have to give in. This is not your average knee compression sleeve; it blends maximum compression with a durable, thin cell “skin” for rapid cold transfer and penetration depth during treatment. Get your HYPERICE knee compression sleeve from Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy.



This utility compression sleeve can accompany you practically anywhere. Its harnessing of cold and compression delivers results to your ankle, shin, or elbow (and even the knees of young athletes). Use it to treat shin splints, calf strains, or other issues to reduce pain and improve recovery times.



The HYPERICE shoulder compression sleeve expertly delivers cold therapy to shoulders in need of compression and cryotherapy. The sleeve features a built-in air release valve, affording the user superior compression.



The HYPERICE back compression sleeve has been specifically designed to deliver ideal levels of cold to the back to help stabilize the core. This compression sleeve is remarkably comfortable, featuring a non-restrictive design and 3mm premium-grade compression neoprene.

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